Internacional Liberal saluda a la nueva Presidente de RELIAL

Rocío Guijarro
Red Liberal de America Latina Caracas, Venezuela
London, 31 October 2016

Estimada Señora Presidente,
Dear Rocio,
I herewith offer heartfelt congratulations in my personal name and on behalf of the member parties of Liberal International for the election as the President of Red Liberal de America Latina - RELIAL.
I am pleased that the members of our cherished sister organisation in Latin America have chosen a committed liberal to lead their Network. I was proud to be among you during your last Congress in Bolivia and to extend my hand of friendship and support for the policies that are core of your Network’s programme and platform. The attacks of the populists across the region for being a Liberal that you have been subjected to will have only one final result: in the end the people will reject manipulation and will vote for freedom, tolerance, peace and liberalism. We have seen that recently in your native Venezuela, as well as in Argentina and Peru.
I am convinced that under your leadership and the newly elected RELIAL Board you will continue to advocate modern liberal policies advocate: economic recovery by promoting private enterprise and self-starting initiatives; an open-minded approach and the respect for the diversity and the cultural heritages of the region; empowerment of the people by improving education.
As President of Liberal International I wish you many successes as President of RELIAL and offer you my personal support and the support of Liberal International in creating and implementing the policies that will transform Latin America into a leading region of the world.

Dr Juli Minoves-Triquell