The influence of China in Latin America

In order to strengthen the academic profile of the Network, we launched the call for participation in the Permanent Seminar on China’s influence in Latin America. Today, we have six researchers actively working to provide new perspectives and knowledge on this complex phenomena.

With the support of Relial, they wrote the book “China in Latin America: The Other Side of the Coin” in which, based on documentary research, they expose different nuances of the issue that affect the whole Latin American region: the opacity of the Confucius Institutes; the lessons to be learned from Hong Kong; China’s role in the OAS-CELAC; the danger of new digital technologies for espionage; the impact of increased cooperation both at the regional level and in Peru and Ecuador; and the rollback of freedoms in Xi Jinping’s China are the themes of this publication, which opens a first door to future work on the subject. 

What importance does China have today?

As part of the seminar, we selected experts to give us their insights into the most important challenges that China represents for the contemporary world. Three of the expert talks are available to the public.

Keys to understand China's influence

Ana Marti, directora de proyecto del Hub de innovación de la FNF Taiwán, explica los efectos globales del poder político chino.

Countering an expansionist, authoritarian, complicated China

Sam Kaplan, author of the book “Challenging China: Smart Strategies for Dealing with China in the Xi Jinping Era” speaks about China’s political domination exercised on trade.

Media and disinformation in China

In this lecture, Yu-Fen Lai talks about how the centralisation of news channels is used by China to misinform the population on key issues.